About All Tissue International

About the company


All Tissue International is a company of international trade. The main occupation of All Tissue International is paper.

All Tissue International trades in all kinds of paper:

Raw materials for the paper industry and finished paper products for consumers.

In the paper industry, All Tissue International trades in raw materials for the paper industry.

All Tissue International has connection with various suppliers of raw materials for the paper industry all over the world and always finds the best deals.

In the paper of finished paper products to consumers,

All Tissue International has a line of finished paper products to the final consumer.

Among the company's paper products to the final consumer you will find: Tuelat paper, paper towels, paper napkins, tissues paper and more.

Founder & CEO Mr. Cafri Israel

Mr. Cafri Israel working in the field of paper over 44 years.

Mr. Cafri Israel served as CEO and owner of paper companies:

Marketing Manager in Hogla, which known today as Hogla-Kimberly of Hadera Paper Group.

CEO of Gdish paper products marketing.

Director of Paper in Bcent.

CEO of Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd.

Mr. Cafri Israel received awards for outstanding management from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Gili brand developed by him rated between 1996-1998 among the six first places in the category of non-food brands.

With his extensive experience and contacts in the world of paper industry and his acquaintance with the field of paper industry, Mr. Cafri Israel was leading the companies to improve efficiency in the production of paper.

Mr. Cafri Israel connections in the world and experience are leading All Tissue International to finding high-quality paper and best deals for the customers